Discover the products and the brands you may find at the Pharmacy!

Skin-care and cosmetics

Let our staff suggest you the best products for your skin: at the Alla Madonna Pharmacy you may find several skin-care and cosmetic products, a selection of certified, trusted and dermatologically tested brands, including a personalized line of products developed by a chemists’ leader company in Italy and Europe.

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Phytotherapy and Homeopathy

Some malaises and minor illnesses can be easily solved through an alternative way: at our pharmacy we provide a selection of homeopathic and phytotherapic products. Ask some advice to the doctors of our staff.

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Nutritional supplements

A particularly dynamic life or different pathologies make nutritional supplements a useful ally for the functions and the right working of the organism: at the pharmacy you will find several lines of supplements and products for athletes or people with specific needs, just ask our staff for the best advice.

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Galenic formulations

At our pharmacy we prepare both officinal and magistral formulations, and a selection of ancient galenic fomulas from the tradition and the experience  of three generations of chemists.

Orthopedics & Medical Supplies

At our pharmacy you may purchase medical supplies for athletes, physical therapy and geriatric care. In addition to orthopedic products (such as arm slings, back and abdominal supports, foot, ankle elbow and wrist support, knee wraps), you may find walking aids (from crutches to canes, from walkers and wheelchairs to rollators) and several models of post-surgical and graduated compression stockings. For any other need it is possible to order the product from the Unifarm Home Care catalogue: in this case, the delivery time (from half-day to 7 – 10 days) depends on the product, on its size and its availability.

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Hygiene & Health Supplies

Our pharmacy dispenses, according to the agreement made with the Local health unit, incontinence and ostomy specific supplies, diabetic care, rare pathologies medical care and advanced wound care products, for whom we provide the home-delivery service.

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When a new life comes, attention about the selection of products and their ingredients is fundamental. At the Alla Madonna Pharmacy you may find a wide range of tested and certified products for every mum and her newborn. Products for hygiene and care, diapers and pacifiers, toys and a department dedicated to baby nutrition, with high quality organic products and brands, such as Neolatte, the organic dry milk for infants sold by Unifarm.


Neolatte infant milk is produced by Töpfer, a german leader company which has been developing organic babyfood for more than a century: its organic formula meets the highest quality standards and is consistent with the latest findings in nutritional science, and has been certified by the European Commission and the Germany Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. A trusted product developed and realised thanks to the work and the commitment of the Trentino Alto Adige pharmacists, in order to provide the families a high quality baby food at fair prices.

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Dietetic Products

New nutritional needs, food intolerances, allergies or relevant pathologies require an attention and a particular care. Our pharmacy presents a wide department of gluten-free food, or food for people who suffer of celicac disease. We provide a range of protein-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, egg-free foods for people who are intolerant to these nutrients.

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Veterinary Supplies

Health and well-being of our pets and animals are fundamental for a happy living together. The Alla Madonna Pharmacy provides a wide veterinary supplies department, where you may find medicines, parapharmaceuticals, pet-foods and products for the hygiene of your four-legged friends, according to the advice or the prescription of your trusted veterinary.

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