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Blood pressure measurement

The check of the blood pressure permits to monitor several values to prevent different diseases: at our pharmacy it is possible to accurately measure the blood pressure through high sensitivity electronic devices.

Controllo cardiaco

– Electrocardiogram

Un metodo che permette di registrare l’attività elettrica del cuore tramite elettrodi posti sulla superficie del corpo.

A  method that allows you to measure the electric activity of the heart through electrodes placed on your body’s surface.

– Holter Heart Monitor (cardiac) 24h

This instrument allows to monitor 24-hours-a-day the heart’s electric activity, in a continuous record, during the completion of every-day activities, compiling an Electrocardiogram.

– Holter Pressure Monitor 24h

24-hours Blood Pressure Monitoring, allow to find with a large accuracy the variations of the arterial pressure, even in night time, defining a pressure profile that reflects in a large part the real one.


Commonly known as “Breath Measurment“, It is a simple yet non-invasive examination that allows to evaluate the functionality of the Respiratory System, measuring the air in the lungs and how It moves across the bronchus.

Ultrasonic Bone Densiometry

A non-invasive diagnostic that allows to evaluate in an accurate and precise way the bone mass, resulting particularly useful in the diagnosis of the Osteoporosis and in  monitoring eventual drug Therapies.  


Posture Problems, Back pain and Joint pains can be prevented through tailored corrective aids, like orthopedic insoles.

In the “Alla Madonna” Pharmacy, we carry out a Phodologic-Postural Analysis, the exam consists of walking on a “Baropodometric” platform, that with sensor registers and shows the footprint stand with all the different load areas, together with relevating informations about the planter’s support,  about the body’s load, and last but not least, of the equilibrium both in static and dynamic phase. Later a specialist will provide to the design an the realization of the personalized aid devices.

Measurement of the partial pressure of the Oxygen in the blood

This particular analysis can be done in a very short time through a pulse oximeter, a device attached to the fingertip which permits to monitor very quickly the amount of oxygen carried in the body, to control and prevent several pathologies.

Analysis: Glycemia measurement, International normalized ratio (INR) Test, Glycated hemoglobin Test, Cholesterol and Lipid profile.

A periodic check-up is fundamental to determine or screen individual risk factors about several diseases: at our Pharmacy, we give the possibility to do some medical tests such as glycemia, prothrombin time, plasma glucose concentration, cholesterol and lipid panel.

These particular analysis are done directly at the Pharmacy, through a little blood sampling from a finger which easily permits to check important values.

Rental of medical products and devices

The pharmacy gives the possibility to rent several medical products and electromedical equipments for different periods, from the nebulizer and the sphygmomanometer, to the crutches and the wheelchair. To discover more about this service and all the products we rent, come to visit us.

Weight control

Weight control is a fundamental prevention instrument: at our pharmacy it is possible to check your weight and get important values through a particular scale which monitors also the height and the personal biorhythm.

Lactation room and neonatal care

The first months of a newborn are very delicate, specifical cares and periodical controls are necessary also outside home to ensure a healthy start in life. For this reason, at our pharmacy we provide a private space for the breastfeeding mothers to pump or nurse their babies, and the service of baby scale to monitor the weight of the baby.

Vending machine

In case of little urgencies or emergences, outside our pharmacy a vending machine will provide a first aid help, selling some products 24/7.